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Why Borunda Media?

Borunda Media Solutions focuses on one very specialized area of marketing in order to give you the greatest return on the investment of your marketing dollars. For just a few hundred dollars, we can reach thousands of potential clients and consumers to help even the smallest of businesses market their brands. 

 Alejandra is personally invested with various businesses within the Hispanic and Latino community, which helps her cross promote your brand across several platforms. She can get your brand in the right places, with the right branding to appeal to a very specific demographic.
Alejandra Borunda
Robin Black
Diego Rodriguez
Head Honcho of Borunda Media Solutions, Alejandra is a world traveler, social butterfly and leader extraordinaire. She will help you take your company to the next level by being the bridge that connects you with her people.
Chief Wordsmith, Creative Visionary and Right Hand Woman to Alejandra, Robin is the English side of the Spanish/ English bridge. She will help you find exactly the right words and images to communicate your brand to a new demographic.
Video Guru, Design Professional and Creative Visionary. With an entire team of video professionals behind him, Diego will create the kind of video imagery that will take your brand to the next level and make your mama weep with joy. Yes, he's just that good. 

Vision & Values

  1. Managing Director
Borunda Media Solutions strives to help businesses understand the unique cultural perspectives and needs of the Hispanic and Latino communities. It is our goal to create valuable relationships between businesses and these vibrant and vital communities in order to increase the range of products and services available to them as well as increasing the consumer base of the companies and organizations we work with.  
Bright: Borunda Media works only with the best and brightest to create the very best social media campaigns to meet all of your marketing needs.
Respectful: We not only do our best to treat all of our clients with dignity, but work hard to build and establish respectful relationships between the worlds of Spanish and English speaking Americans. 
Integrity: We maintain the highest standards and produce only ethical, respectful, honest and trustworthy campaigns. We will never intentionally falsely promote your brand or anyone else’s, nor will we maintain relationships with clients that establish a track record of misrepresenting themselves to consumers or clients.
Determined: We will do whatever it takes (within the boundaries of our high ethical standards and integrity) to boost your brand and gain you high visibility within the Hispanic and Latino communities.
Generous: Borunda Media believes in giving back to the community, and does so through participation with numerous non-profits as well as working towards starting their own non-profit aimed at providing low cost surgical eye care services to the elderly and low income individuals.
Excellence: Borunda Media believes in going “above and beyond” to provide exceptional service and stellar campaigns to meet our client’s every need.